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1 Payment of $197

$39 for 6 Months

Do I have to watch the modules at a specific time?

No, this course is self-paced. When you register, you’ll get access to Module 1. One week later you’ll receive Module 2, and so on for 6 modules. Once you have a module, you can sign in at any time, and from anywhere, so you can complete the training at your convenience.


How many hours should I expect to spend on each module?

You should spend 2-4 hours per module on average, but it depends on how much kitchen practice you want to get. Consider that a lot of the training will involve food prep for meals that you would’ve already been allocating time to make.


What makes this course stand out from other plant-based courses?

All of the food in this training is whole food, plant-based and free of all refined sugar, oil, and salt. This course is also gluten-free and flour-free. Aside from a few recipes that use potatoes and others that make plant-based ice cream, this training is low-glycemic. We’re making the healthiest foods taste absolutely delicious. This is the only cooking course specifically tailored to meet the food recommendations of TrueNorth Health, iThrive, Dr. Fuhrman and Bright Line Eating. Our training materials are one of a kind as well—each and every piece is designed to help make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.


Who is Chef Katie Mae?

Chef Katie Mae is empowering people to build their fitness and well-being through delicious plant foods! Katie Mae is the founder of PlantzSt.com where she publishes delicious recipes to make plant-based cooking easy and delicious. She started the Culinary Gym to give people further support with flavor-rockin’ hands-on cooking classes.

Katie Mae holds a Master of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and she is also a core instructor at TrueNorth Health Center and the McDougall residential health programs. With more than 7 years of teaching experience that includes 400 classes and 15,000+ students, she is a plant-powered chef and athlete whose mission is to bridge the gap between food and fitness.


How long do I have access to the course?

You have unlimited access to the Plant-based Cooking Course that does not expire. As long as Plantz St. is active you will have complete access to the training. The modules are delivered once per week, but you can go through them at your own pace, on your own schedule. Even if you are busy or traveling, you won’t miss anything! If you find you want to spend longer on a module, or you want to go back and review content, that’s no problem — you’ll have ongoing access to this course.


Will I be on my own here or can I connect with other members?

If you have a Facebook account, you will have the option to join the Plantz St. Community, and access to others who are doing what you’re doing. It will be a spot to share and converse with the other members of the club and gym. That being said, you do not have to be in the group to access any of the recipes, videos, training, etc. Those will all be on the membership area of the website. There will also be live coaching calls and cook-along videos that you will be able to re-play at your leisure.


I’ve been eating plant-based for a few years now. Will I learn anything from this course?

The program gives people an excellent foundation in plant-based cooking, giving the most value to people who are brand new to this. This course is designed to build your kitchen skills and strategies to make the plant-based diet more sustainable. The curriculum is also laid out to empower you in making really flavorful dishes without following recipes, using basic, minimal equipment found in most kitchens. I’ve had several people who’ve been plant-based for years tell me that they were surprised to find they got a lot out of the course. There’s always something new to learn!


I’m interested in a vegan lifestyle. Is this course for me?

That depends on your reasons for becoming vegan. If they’re ethical/environmental reasons, or if you’re looking for alternatives to animal products that still may be processed and full of additives, this isn’t for you. At Plantz St., it’s not just about changing our diet; it’s about preparing food that will nourish our bodies. A lot of meat and dairy substitutes are riddled with sugar, oil, and salt, so we provide ideas for delicious meals that are healthy and energizing.