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I created the Plant-based Recipe Club to inspire and support people in preparing more simple, but scrumptious meals with plant foods.

Whether you love cooking, or you just see it as a necessary part of healthy living, it is difficult to make time for it. I want to keep you motivated and inspired to prepare your meals and make them flavorful so that you sustain a healthy way of eating.

I know the challenges here are real, so I’m going to give you tools and resources to help make your food prep easier, faster and tastier! I’m also excited about building a community of like-minded cooks to support and inspire each other one dish at a time!

Chipotle Tinga de Tempeh 1
Blueberry Ice Cream with Lime and Cacao 1

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Every week you’ll receive a brand new recipe from Katie Mae that is exclusive to the Recipe Club members. The complete Exclusive Recipe archive and the Recipe Video Archive are always available to members as well.

As a member of the Recipe Club, you’ll have access to the upcoming plant-based Ingredient Library. This will be a fabulous go-to resource filled with details on how to select, store, use, and prepare the extensive variety of whole plant foods, herbs, spices, as well as the minimally processed foods that are often called for in plant-based recipes.

The last piece to the Recipe Club is the private online Plantz St. Facebook community. It’s an excellent spot to ask questions about plant-based foods or cooking methods, get new meal ideas, and share photos of your delicious creations. The community is diverse with people who are just starting to add more plant foods to their diet to those who have been eating this way for years and are thrilled to share what they’ve learned.

If you sign up for the annual membership, you’ll also receive the Katie Mae’s Plantz eCookbook Series, which includes 4 e-cookbooks: Mexican, Italian, Potato, and Dessert. Collectively, they include over 140 whole food, plant-based recipes.

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I LOVE the short recipe videos!
I have time to watch them each week and they are very clear and motivating.

– Ivy

I love the dessert Recipes!!! And I love all that you do for plant-based folks like me who are trying to do it sugar-free, oil-free and gluten-free.

– Linda

Production value is off-the-charts!
You got all the necessary info boiled down into a short, but beautiful video!

– Lindsay

I’m new to this and find your tips very useful! And the recipes…YUM!!! 
Thank you so much. I love, love, love your website.

– Jo-Ann

I cook the recipes all the time at home for my family.
The best part is I don’t worry about portion size because they’re so healthy!

– Gemma

After an Immersion program, I was so discouraged by the bland food. Then I met you! You have renewed my faith that HEALTHY CAN TASTE AMAZING, and not be the same old, same old. I’m very excited to try more of your recipes!

– Amy

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