One of the perks of being a Culinary Gym Member is the private Plantz St. Community on Facebook. This is a space for support, connection, and inspiration throughout as you move along your plant-based journey.

I’ll be in the group every day throughout the training to cheer you on and offer support however I can. I hope to “see” you the community!

How to Join the Group:

1. Click here to be sent to the Plantz St. Facebook group.

2. Click the “Join Group” box on the page.

3. We will receive a notification and will have to accept your request. It shouldn’t be long, but please be patient. It could be hours if it’s the middle of the night in our time zone. Then you will be welcomed into the online Plantz St. Community.


Don’t Wait to Post

Once you are accepted into the Facebook group, please take a moment to thoroughly read the pinned post at the top of the page. It contains essential details about how to post and connect with others in this community.

I encourage you to post as soon as you feel ready! You can start with an introduction. Be sure to use the hashtag #INTRO (more about hashtags below) so I and other members can easily find who’s new to the group and say hi.


Hashtags & Searching

In this Facebook Community, hashtags and the search bar will be key to helping us connect, support each other, and find specific content.

If you haven’t used the search bar within a Facebook group before, it works just like a Google search, but it only pulls from the content within the Facebook group. You can find it in the upper right corner of the group page. It has a magnifying glass and says: Search Bar.

You can use that field to search for your own name to find all of the posts you started and see new comments. You can also search for other members of the group, topics of interest, or any of the “hashtags” described below.

Use the following hashtags to connect, ask for support, give support, and keep us posted on your training! Of course, not all posts call for one of these hashtags, but if it fits then simply start your post with the appropriate hashtag.


5 Hashtags We Use

#INTRO | Introduce yourself to the group so we can say hi!

#QUESTION | Ask a question, and you’ll receive an answer!

#WIN | Whether it’s large or small, we want to celebrate your wins with you!

#COREMEAL | Make a Core Meal and then show it off to the group!

#RECIPE | Have a plant-based recipe you love? We’d love to try it!